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Huawei to announce foldable phone next year

Huawei to announce foldable phone next year

Autoandprice.com – Huawei is planning to become the first company to run a folding phone. Jean, Huawei’s president in the consumer group, Middle East and Africa, told Indianexpress.com that “this (folding device) is not a trend, it is a reality”, suggesting that such a smartphone can be expected already next year.

It does not divulge the specs and specifications of Huawei’s folding devices, but is sure there will be a market for such a phone. However, it is also certain that such a device will not replace the existing phone form factor in the near future, suggesting that the folding phone will remain a niche in the initial stage.

The folding phone, he said, should be able to offer incremental value to end users. “We need it, but we need to answer why we need it ” explained

Where there was a lot of chatter on the folding phones, nothing really specific came out on the timeline so far. It’s not just a device to do. The folding smartphone requires special batteries and flexible displays, and has changed the user interface that factors in the new screen. He explained that “technology is ready ” to create a folding smartphone and “There are no technical problems ” left.

According to the Asia Review report in July, Huawei uses flexible OLED displays made by the Chinese technology Group of England. This is the same company that supplies Mate 20 Pro in the OLED panel.

He said that the folding smartphone Huawei will run on EMUI, based on the Android mobile Google. “EMUI-the best user interface in the world. We are so confident in EMUI, “he said.

However, Android does not support phones with flexible screens yet. We might expect this to be taken into account when Android releases its next version. , said Huawei and Google share close collaboration and the former has an in-depth understanding of the Android mobile operating system, this will not be a problem to make changes in the user interface.

Several top smartphone manufacturers are currently working on phones with flexible screens that can be folded in half. Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, has also expressed a desire to launch such a device early next year. Apple is also rumored to be developing a folding phone and has recently filed a patent on a flexible phone that users can fold in half and carry in their pocket.

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