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Google Maps - Utility or Lifestyle App?

Google Maps – Utility or Lifestyle App?

Autoandprice.com – Where would we be without Google Maps? I must have lost. Of all the navigation apps, Google is one people trust the most. In fact, out of 77% of smartphone owners who rely on navigational applications to find their way, almost 70% prefer Google Maps compared to others. This is the preferred navigation app for almost 6X more people than the second most popular one, Waze. (BTW: Waze belongs to Google! I happen to like Apple Maps, too.)

And Google knows that the card is the preferred application, so the company has been adding features that make it more like a lifestyle application, not just a utility. They are drawing people and increasing the stickiness of the App by integrating with every day service and content delivery platforms that users like to use.

Here are some of the latest additions:

  • Navigate the Uber. Do not exit the card to trigger the trip (Uber or Lyft). Now you can ask Google to book a trip for you-no need to enter.
  • Track your journey. The latest update that is currently in beta will allow you to view a monthly report of your driving behavior, right inside the app.
  • Play that funky music. Recent integration, available on Android and IOS devices, allows map users to stream music from Spotify. It basically works as a music detection platform, pulling in the content from Spotify, which appears as an icon on the sidebar in Maps. No more switching between Maps and Spotify to get ringtones going during your travels.
  • The gang is all here. The new planning feature of Google group makes Maps more social experience, allowing users to create a list of places they are interested in visiting-say, bars or restaurants-share this list with friends, and decide how to group where Meet. This eliminates a lot of back and forth on the text.
    So what does all this mean for business?

For example, the exact lists of businesses are important to capitalize the new feature of Google Ride. If the user Maps asks Google to order a trip to your business, and the driver will not be able to find you, you lose the customer.

You need a lot of the latest online reviews as well. First of all, Google uses reviews to determine where businesses rank in “next to me ” searches, and which are on the map. And if the consumer uses a new group planning function, everyone who participates in the group vote will see the star rating and will consider the fragments before making the decision. Friends probably don’t offer a meeting at a 2 star restaurant with bad reviews (although the 2 star dive bar can be interesting).

and the integration of Google with Spotify is probably the only first of many that will allow targeted delivery of content based on consumers ‘ location, destination and business preferences.

After all, your business success will depend on whether or not Google makes you a visible business – which you will find reliable and highly appreciated. To keep your position as a Go-to search engine for everything-products, services, information, referrals, content-Google should provide the best results. Less will damage consumer confidence. So, it’s up to you to convince Google that it should send the business its way.

Want some tips? Here’s a good place to start.

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