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Apple iPhone XR Why That Name

Apple iPhone XR: Why That Name?

Autoandprice.com – If we were to follow as Apple commonly called its Iphones, XS didn’t really have so many surprises because we tend to see that after Apple updates its device, but where did XR come from?

Well, according to Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller, the reasoning is quite simple. He explains that with sports cars, R and S are usually used to show that it is really special and fast. He added that he loves cars, and that’s where R came from.

It makes sense with R & S representing fast and special vehicles, since Apple’s IPhone XS and XR are the fastest phones thanks to the A12 bionic ship that Apple offers right now.

Another question that he made the address was the IPhone XR display. Apple has decided to release XR with a sub-1080p display. He explains that if you can’t really see the pixels, the numbers mean nothing.

While we recognize that the XR display looks great, we also can’t get over the fact that the XR is more expensive than the Android model with the 1080p display.

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