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Apple iOS 12.1 Beta 5 What Will It Offer

Apple iOS 12.1 Beta 5: What Will It Offer?

Autoandprice.com – The Apple IOS 12.1 Beta version was released this week and several new features came with it. Here is what the update will offer when it arrives.

One of the new features that we will find with this update is the FaceTime group, which is one of the new and exciting features that Apple highlighted at its event in September.

The functions were postponed, but it seems they are almost ready to release it. The FaceTime group will allow up to 32 users to FaceTime together. That sounds amazing, but we’ll have to see it in action first.

The beta version also includes real-time live viewing for depth control for iphone XS and iphone XS Max., the software will also come with EH Dual-SIM support and fix some charging issues that some new users IPhone complained.

The consumer version of the update should arrive at the end of this month.

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