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Alcatel 1X & Android Go Not A Good Mix

Alcatel 1X & Android Go Not A Good Mix?

Autoandprice.com – The problem with entry level devices is that it basically looks and perform poorly, but Google wanted to change that with their Android Go, but they can actually.

We are slowly starting to see entry-level devices coming with Android Go and one of these Alcatel 1x phones. Like most entry level smartphones, this device doesn’t have much memory, but that’s what Android Go is all about.

With Android Go offers Lite versions of some applications that are good, but users have started noticing some strange problems with it. Some people have reported that Android Go has taken their WiFi password but keep asking users to re-enter it.

Others have reported that applications made specifically for Android Go will still slow down the device significantly. I guess the idea it was great but it looks like the Android go still has a long way to go.

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